Selected Work
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  1. MAAT
  2. Lisbon Week
  3. Super Bock
  4. DJ Glue
  5. Iminente Festival
  6. 5.1. Lisbon
    5.2. London
  7. JNcQUOI
  8. Coca-Cola
    7.1 Open Happiness
    7.2 Open Portugal
    7.3 125th Anniversary
  9. Delta
  10. Marketeer
  11. Thunder&Co

Sometimes we like the process more than the work itself ︎


8. Delta


            Delta Cafés


            Delta Cafés is a major Portuguese brand, specializing in roasting coffee. Founded in 1961, the brand is amongst the market leaders in the Iberian Peninsula and has a strong presence in coffee shops and restaurants across the country.



            Delta Cafés wanted to use Portuguese celebrations and holidays to create special editions for the brand’s below-the-line communication.

            Moments like Valentine's Day or Christmas inspired a playful approach and allowed to create a world full of funny and tender coffee beans, and use these characters to tell sharable stories around coffee.

Valentine’s Day video love letter  ⤵

Valentine’s “The Greatest Lover” Edition  ⤵

X-Mas “The Magic Kings” Edition  ⤵

“Around the world of coffee” Diary  ⤵