Selected Work
  1. Snapchat
    .1 Valentines
    .2 Spectacles
  2. Heaven by
    Marc Jacobs
  3. Fenty Beauty
  4. Comcast
    .1 Olympics
    .2 Peacock
  5. MAAT
  6. Lisbon Week
  7. Super Bock
  8. DJ Glue
  9. Iminente Festival
  10. .1. Lisbon
    .2. London
  11. JNcQUOI
  12. Coca-Cola
    .1 Open Happiness
    .2 Open Portugal
    .3 125th Anniversary
  13. Delta
  14. Marketeer
  15. Thunder&Co

Sometimes I like the process more than the work itself ︎


3. Super Bock


            Super Bock




            Being one of the most popular beer brands in Portugal, Super Bock has fostered a very close relationship to music and arts.

            The launch of its new range of craft beers — CORUJA — was a perfect opportunity for the brand to make that bound even closer and to start an Art’s Program to support public art and the portuguese street art scene.

Watch the case here ⤵


            A tribute was paid to urban art with the announcement of a 3 — year investment program, in a 4 step campaign based on a fictional narrative in real time across different disciplines and media.

           9 top artists were comissioned to draw 70 different owls and 2 months after the launch, the artist “Coruja” (Owl) was born to spread those illustrations through Portugal, amplifying the echo of their work via social networks. ⥅

            Then a traditional beer campaign was launched, creating a fictional conflict. The artist “Coruja” responded to the usurpation of his name by the brand, which resulted in a vandalizing phase of Super Bock’s out of home advertising, with tremendous impact.

            With the dialogue open between the brand and the artist, Super Bock invites “Coruja” for a collaboration. Finally, “Coruja” is revealed to be an artist collective and the brand unveils new illustrations to be featured on the 9 beer labels over the next 3 years in an exhibition for the actual launch - made itinerant to be seen across the country.