Selected Work
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  1. MAAT
  2. Lisbon Week
  3. Super Bock
  4. DJ Glue
  5. Iminente Festival
  6. 5.1. Lisbon
    5.2. London
  7. JNcQUOI
  8. Coca-Cola
    7.1 Open Happiness
    7.2 Open Portugal
    7.3 125th Anniversary
  9. Delta
  10. Marketeer
  11. Thunder&Co

Sometimes we like the process more than the work itself ︎


10. Thunder&Co




            Nociceptors are the sensory receptors of the brain that give us the perception of pain. Nociceptor is the debut album from Thunder&Co., a "Disco-Lame" band full of songs that are painful and fraught with insecurity. 

            Apples is a song about the empty phases of life, when you drink and get high for no reason. It’s about the nonsense that sometimes makes us wake up the next day feeling ashamed of ourselves.  

Watch the video here ⤵