Selected Work
  1. Snapchat
    .1 Valentines
    .2 Spectacles
  2. Heaven by
    Marc Jacobs
  3. Fenty Beauty
  4. Comcast
    .1 Olympics
    .2 Peacock
  5. MAAT
  6. Lisbon Week
  7. Super Bock
  8. DJ Glue
  9. Iminente Festival
  10. .1. Lisbon
    .2. London
  11. JNcQUOI
  12. Coca-Cola
    .1 Open Happiness
    .2 Open Portugal
    .3 125th Anniversary
  13. Delta
  14. Marketeer
  15. Thunder&Co

Sometimes I like the process more than the work itself ︎


2. Lisbon Week

Watch the video here ⤴





            Lisbon Week is a festival that takes place in a different borough every year and an invitation to visit Lisbon’s less known boroughs, by creating experiences that merge their cultural heritage with more contemporary forms of art expression.


            LW project intended to illustrate the role of the event in the city starting from the tagline "Cada Bairro, uma Cidade” - In each neighborhood, a city -, reinforcing the cultural and social role of the event and its mission.

            Illustration emerged as an approach capable of capturing attention and give life to the heritage, using bright and naïve shapes, and giving the borough a charming palette and colourful energy.